Important Information for the upcoming NEOR

Posted by Anastasia Rioux on Oct 06 2018 at 03:29PM PDT

Hi everyone!

Our first hosted meet of the year, NEOR #1 is coming up October 20th& 21st! For those of you who are new to the sport of swimming, welcome! Swim meets are a fun exciting time!

Every swim family must volunteer for at least 1 session to meet their volunteer requirement and avoid being billed $50 (even if their swimmer is not racing at this meet) We will be hosting other meets in the new year and requirements will vary. We couldn’t do this without you and appreciate all of your time helping the club!

Please sign up as soon as possible. The deadline to sign up without penalty is Wednesday October 17th-no exceptions.

Anyone can work a session on your behalf. (Sessions generally run 4.5 hours.) High school students acquiring volunteer hours are welcome!

Meet sign up checklist:

-Fill out Officials online registration form (Large button on home screen) -Sign up for your volunteer session – must be a full session-unfortunately not only safety marshal -Complete introduction to swimming/safety marshal online clinic if you’re new, or if you’ve never taken it before-It’s free! (optional but recommended)

- Sign up for one of Swim Ontario’s upcoming Officials clinic webinars. (optional) Ask me for an official’s card at the meet if you are completing any clinics. Once a clinic is completed, you can get sign off/deck evaluation and work towards becoming a higher level official. There are incentives to moving up levels. Officials Incentives this year:

Level 2 – Swim Ontario Name Badge/pin

Level 3 – Red Officials polo

Level 4 – 50% off the club fees for one swimmer.

Those new to the swim meet world generally begin by working sessions as a timer, which is considered a level 1 official (same day basic training provided). Other popular positions are helping in our canteen/Bahnuk Lounge, volunteer hospitality, or awards coordinator.

Unfortunately, safety marshaling is not considered a full session worked. It is only 1 hour long and is generally added to other existing deck positions.

Swim meet dress code:

Chief Timer: White polo (top) over black bottoms with black footwear

Timers: White top over black bottoms

All other officials: Red Polos (top) over black bottoms with black footwear (Includes Head Lane Timer performing turn judge duties)

Can’t make it to NEOR #1 to volunteer?:
We are also assisting Laurentian Varsity with their upcoming meet October 27/28. You can choose to work at either NEOR 1 or Varsity and either one will count as your session worked. Please note that the option to work varsity is on a first come first serve basis and our priority is staffing NEOR 1. Sign up here


Saturday, October 20

Session 1 – Deep End – 12 and Under

Warm Up – 1:00 PM

Racing – 2:00 PM

Saturday, October 20

Session 2 – Deep End – 13 and Over

Warm Up to start in Shallow End at 4:00 PM – No Diving

Racing – 5:00 PM

Sunday, October 21

Session 3 – Deep End – 12 and Under

Warm Up – 8:00 AM

Racing – 9:00 AM

Sunday, October 21

Session 4 – Deep End – 13 and Over

Warm Up to start in Shallow End at 12:00 PM – No Diving

Racing – 1:00 PM

Thank you for reading all of this! I will be available to answer questions at our AGM and also at the upcoming parent meeting. Please take a look at the officials tab on our site for more information on the officials certification pathway.

See you at the pool!

Laurie Krawczuk

SLSC Club Officials Chair